We welcome you to Friendship Baptist Church. Any time the doors of Friendship are open, we ask that you come and join us for a good time in the Lord.


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From our hearts, we would like to welcome you to God's House. It is our desire that your worship experience at Friendship Baptist Church provides all God has ordained for you this day.

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Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he who keeps the law– blessed is he.” –Proverbs 29:18

On April 10, 1895, a group of Christian believers organized the Friendship Baptist Church, namely Dea. E. J. Fredrick, Dea. N. H. Brown, Bro. Alex Williams, Bro. Joshua Porter, and Bro. York Archer. This group formerly worshiped under a Bush Abor. The first pastor was Rev. A. Hudson. Since the inception, the church has continued to grow. In the community, the church is and has been a rock.


These are our announcments for this month. We ask that you come out and fellowship with us and have a good time in the Lord.

7/12Deacons to render Devotion at Mt. Bethel Summer Revival at 7pm
7/12Summer Revival at Mt. Bethel -Deacons to render Devotion at 7pm
7/179 am - 12 pm FBC Vacation Bible School Lunch served
7/189am - 12pm FBC Vacation Bible School Lunch served
7/199am - 12pm FBC Vacation Bible School Lunch served


We would like to wish all of our members a Happy and Blessed Birthday!!

7/18Dea. Marion Brown, Sr.
7/23Sis. Quanetria Wilson
7/25Sis. Francis Hurst
7/28Bro. Omar Brown
7/28Sis. Aubree Brown

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